Stock Market Trading

Learning Share Market & Commodity Market Trading



The PIFM Advantage

Save Time and Money

Invest your time and money in something which fetches you worthy returns. All are courses are industry oriented and training you exactly on what is required to get a job and a bright career. Don’t waste your Years and Lakhs in learning something that may never be used in future.

Stocks, Commodity, Forex, Options, Futures

In volatile markets it is very important to know more than one asset class as financial markets are interlinked. You have to be at the right place at the right time to en-cash the opportunity available. Get trained on multiple asset class under one roof.

Practical Trading Skills

What are the skills required for effective online trading? A trading plan, timeliness and risk mitigation techniques. We will provide you training on how to manage your trade and become a professional trader.

Free Trading and Demat Account

Through our in-house broking firm we can make an arrangement wherein all the fees paid can be adjusted with the future trading commissions. There is no time limit attached to it.

Trade with Our Money

We provide you training terminals wherein you can trade in live market with our money. That means we fund your practical learning. Isn’t it great!!!

Small Batches with Individual Attention

We mainly emphasize on Practical learning and our aim is quality education and not short term money making.

Experienced Training

All our instructors have worked in the Financial Markets and with the intention of spreading financial awareness they come to our institute for training. Also, we arrange seminars/workshops by global financial gurus at regular intervals.